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Get any time consultation for your current business challenges. We can help you with all types of technical challenges and provide solutions as per your need.Our team is eager to assist you at any time. If you need help getting started, find a bug, or having trouble using tools, so get in touch we can help you.


Base Computer is an custom software development company specializes in developing scalable software applications, business softwares and automation softwares. We primarily develop applications which automates everyday workflow of a company or organization and makes life easier. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we will be happy to assist you at any and every stage of the software development life cycle: from conceptualization, business analysis and prototyping to the development and deployment of a complete solution.

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Our Solutions

We fit where you need us.

Our clients are startups looking to make a name for themselves. They’re already-established brands who are ready to take themselves to the next level. They’re agencies who need no-strings-attached support to fill in the gaps in their capabilities or current staffing situation. They are all unique, but all have one thing in common: they rely on our expert team to support them where they need it the most.

Finding the right solution fuels us. Our team is nimble, solution-driven, and always looking for the best answer to hard questions. With industry experts in digital, print, video, social, events and project/account management (to name a few), our team makes it our business to help your business succeed.

Our solutions include:

Logo Design

Image is everything.

We know what it takes to build – and BE – a big brand. Brand equity is often overlooked as a necessity in business, but your brand is arguably your most important asset. It defines how the world views your company, products and services. When people see your brand as powerful, successful, and cohesive, they pay attention. They recognize your value. After all, you are the expert at what you do.

With our cohesive branding approach, your customers can see who you really are, and why they can’t spend another moment without you. Our time-tested strategic approach helps you build your brand equity with your every move.

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Website Design and Development

Your corner of the world.


Your website is often the first thing your customers will see. So make sure it counts. We are industry experts in this area, and we are here to help guide you through the science of building the right website for you. Using our best-in-class User Experience (UX) expertise, and honoring the importance of your brand equity, our website design process guides you to the right solution for your business.


Whether you have specific technical requirements, or you’d rather leave the details to the experts, Janus Advertising can craft a technical solution that meets your needs. We utilize the latest technologies to develop your website, whether it’s functionally complex or you simply need to get the word out. We can even help with your functional requirements and other technical documentation. Using our technology-agnostic strategic approach, we find the right solution to fit your requirements, and then align our best-in-class website developers to make the magic happen.


From test planning to test script execution, our quality assurance team is involved during every step of the process. Although we’re always open to adding steps at your direction, our standard QA process includes a 360 degree view of:

  • Design testing

  • Content testing

  • Functional testing

  • Meta information testing

  • Analytics testing

  • Cross-browser and cross-device testing

  • Production testing


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Website Content Management and Maintenance

Keep it fresh.

After your site launches, the world keeps turning. Your business is always evolving, and your customers’ needs are ever-changing. Let us take the worry away by helping to maintain and update your site, so you can get back to doing what you do best. Whether you need your website content to stay fresh and new at all times, or you just need to make sure your site remains stable amidst the ever-evolving technology landscape, Janus has solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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Photo/Video Production and Editing

Be the star of your own show.

Whether you need a custom video, a custom scientific animation, or just a fresh set of headshots for your team, the Janus team will help you bring your imagination to life. Product shots, social media videos, even TV commercials — our crews have seen and done it all. We come fully prepared with our own equipment, tailored crew, and creative direction/guidance so all you need to do is just show up and let us get to work. Our capabilities include:

  • Headshots

  • Product photoshoots

  • Corporate/lifestyle and facility/background shots

  • Photo editing and postproduction

  • Creative direction

  • Custom animations, including scientific illustrations and MOAs

  • Creative direction, logistical planning and video production

  • Social media videos

  • Event coverage

  • Product video shoots

  • Expert interviews

  • Client testimonials

  • BROLL and virtual facility/background tour footage

  • Drone footage

  • TV/radio commercials

  • Voiceovers

  • Postproduction and editing

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Collateral, Print and Event Materials

Build your brand equity.

Whether you need a branded slide deck and some boards for a big pitch, or you want your booth to be a showstopper at an event, we have you covered. If you can dream it, we can design and deliver it.


You have a lot to tell your customers. Make sure you do it right. Start with a suite of business cards, letterhead, email signatures and a slide deck template, and expand your brand equity with a custom brochure or corporate presentation so you have the right messaging at your fingertips at all times. Video meetings? We design backgrounds. Social media announcements? We’ll give you designed templates. The opportunities are endless to keep building your brand equity on a daily basis.


Looking to promote your business at a trade show or convention? Don’t show up empty handed. Let us help you prepare for your event by customizing your booth or display, and making sure you have the right materials on hand to make you a showstopper.


Bring your business right to your customers’ doors. Let us help you design and execute the perfect mailing to bring your message to the right people.

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Social Media Strategy and Management

Ignite the online conversation.

From social media strategy to content creation and management, our team understands that two-way communication with your customers and stakeholders is a crucial part of your business. We believe in building an online community by adding value and establishing trust. Even the most basic social strategy implementation gives you a leg up over your competitors and builds authentic relationships with key stakeholders. Our social capabilities include:


  • Strategic planning

  • Audience analysis

  • Content calendar planning

  • Custom copy, graphic and video content creation

  • Scheduling and management

  • Social monitoring

  • Reporting and insights

  • Influencer programs

  • Social listening

  • Paid social media advertising


As with all of our services, we utilize our years of social expertise to create a custom solution specific to your needs. Whether organic or paid, full-service or just the basics, we’ll come up with the right way for you to keep your brand’s voice at the center of it all.

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Project Management Strategy and Support

Translating strategy into action.

Maybe you’ve been exploring how project management could help your company get organized. Maybe you’re not even sure if you need project management. Short answer? You do. Having a PM system in place ensures efficiency, consistency and stability even when challenges arise.

With deep roots in Project Management, our Janus Advertising project management team has a proven track record of crafting custom project methodologies for our clients, with your business objectives at the root of everything we do. Together, we will analyze your current processes and goals, develop a methodology unique to your company, and then execute every step with your custom methodology in mind. From the tools we recommend, to the implementation plan, to the day-to-day task management that keeps your company running efficiently, our project managers are here to make it easier for your team to do their jobs.

Already have a system? Great! Our project managers are well-versed in many tools and software systems, so just give us your process and we’ll run with it as if it was our own.

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Agency Partnerships and Services

Let’s work together.

Are you part of the advertising, marketing or public relations world yourself? If so, let’s talk. Janus Advertising assists agencies, freelancers and advertising/marketing/PR-adjacent companies with everything from digital expertise to project management support.


Janus Advertising doesn’t just play well with others. We thrive on it. We even offer white labeling. If you want to wow your clients with support in one of our areas of expertise, we’re your perfect partner. This isn’t simply a win-win. It’s a win for your clients.


Need an extra hand with a project or account? We’re here to help. Janus Advertising provides role scaling so you can be staffed appropriately at all times. Whether it’s short-term or long-term, we can help you get the job done. So go ahead and accept that client statement of work. We’ll be there to support you.


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Our Work

The Base team has been honored to work on hundreds of initiatives since coming together — and thousands before that, collectively. Some of our featured client partnerships include:
“The owner and I couldn’t be more pleased. We focused on running our business full steam while Heather focused on making sure we are on top of our game on line. Janus Advertising is absolutely top notch when it comes to customer service, convenience, and producing a quality service.”
Hilary, Assistant Branch Manager, AMRS
“Janus Advertising made the process for me to obtain a new site with everything that I wanted very easy. I just explained what I wanted, what my goals were and before I knew it my new site was ready to launch! I recommend Janus Advertising to anyone looking for a website or looking for an upgrade.”
Jen, Owner, BucksLifeHealth
“I can’t say enough about the quality of work and the professionalism we received. Their design ideas were spot on. They even helped us reach out to customers we were currently missing out on. Janus Advertising had innovative ideas for tapping potential areas of new marketing. I would highly recommend Janus Advertising to anyone looking to grow their own business.”
Jason, Owner, Denny Construction


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We make it look easy because we do it right.

Our Process

We offer “big agency” quality services at a fraction of the cost. But how do we do it? Besides our low overhead costs, our biggest secret is efficiency. Our process works as follows:





At each step in our carefully designed process, we stop for a moment and:
Does this support our intentions?
Are we still headed in the right direction?

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