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RMI Training


RMI Training

RMI stands for Remote Method Invocation is an interface program that helps to make communication between applications running on different computer by using two objects stub and skeleton. Stub is a gateway for client side and skeleton for server side. RMI (Remote Method Invocation) is a process that a Developer, using the Java programming language with development environment, can write OOPs based programs in which objects on different System can interact in a distributed networking System. RMI is the Java process of what is all we are known as a remote procedure call (RPC), but with the talent to pass one or more objects along with the request queue. The object can have some information that will change the service of a program that is performed in the remote computer.

Why Java RMI

Sun Microsystems, the Father of Java, calls this "moving behavior/processing." when a user on a different computer with the accounting application, the Java program interacting with the user could see/communicate, using RMI, with a Java connectivity in another computer that always had the latest update of this particulate accounting application. In reply, that program would send back an object and associated program information that would update the remote computer program to screen the user's saw new updating an application . The user and the other user both would save time by catching.

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