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JavaScript Training


JavaScript Training

JavaScript is interpreted, object oriented language usually used to design interactive web site. JavaScript code will run when visitor access web page in browser. JavaScript is developed by Netscape Communications Corporation that support by all latest browser. JavaScript dynamic programming language file is used in HTML code with pair tag. Mainly use to create effect within browse. JavaScript is much uncomplicated and very simple to implement. You just need to put your code in the HTML document and command the browser that it is JavaScript.

WHY Java Script

There is one argue that when other option is available then why choose JavaScript. Choose javaScript because it is open source, available without any cost and ISO standard. It is flexible, has elegant core, and enables to use a mixture of object-oriented and functional programming and very useful language. It is beneficial in the field of graphical user interfaces and enables you to use better tolls like “GRUNT”, test tools like “MOCHA” and your future with JavaScript is bright. As a expert of JavaScript you have lot of opportunity in your carrier.

WHY Join Us

JavaScript training at SoftCrayons in Delhi-NCR, Ghaziabad and Noida delivered by experienced faculty that design syllabus content according to IT market standard and also facilitates free spare classes excluding course classes that helps trainee to give more time on their projects. We design our JavaScript course for developers and web designer with purpose to make them expert and familiar to JavaScript. First you will introduce to JavaScript, its basic knowledge, its effective use and its importance then you will shift to practical learning.

What We Provide

1. Textbooks, Notes, EBooks.
2. Necessary Software, DVDs etc.
3. Focus on practical labs.
4. Training Certificates.
5. Live project Based Training.
6. 100% Job Placement.
7. Lab facilities with Wi-Fi environment

Training Benefits

1.Interview preparation by our professional team.
2. Problem solving classes at the end of the course.
3. Certification.
4. Job placement.
5. Make Carrier in MNC.
6.Live project work experience.