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.Net training

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.NET is a software framework developed by Microsoft which provides a controlled programming environment where development, installation and execution of the software can be done on windows based operating system. The .NET Training offers knowledge about .NET framework that supports the building and running of next gen applications and XML web services. The features of .NET software framework can be classified as:
• NET is a platform independent technology
• NET supports multiple languages
• Common language runtime engine
• Framework class library
• Simplified Deployment
• Portability
• Security

History of .NET

Before .NET technology, the Microsoft family had 3 technologies which were playing a very important role in IT Industry. They were VB, VC++ and ASP. But these technologies had certain drawbacks like platform dependency and it was used to develop only windows or web applications. Microsoft started to develop .NET in late 1990s under the name of Next gen Window Service. By late 2000, the first beta version of .NET 1.0 was released. The Development tools in different generations are:
Visual Studio : Generation 1.0
Visual Studio 2003 : Generation 1.1
Visual Studio 2005 : Generation 2.0
Visual Studio 2008,10,12,13 : Generation 3.5,4.0,4.5,4.5.1

Career and Industry Scope of .NET

The applications of .NET training are immense in various sectors. Students well versed in .NET technology can go in the field of window applications, web applications and mobile applications development, since these applications are used to develop desktop apps, web apps, etc. Hence the scope for career growth is immense in India and abroad.

Students can rise in their career if they have good experience in the software field. There are a lot of professionals who are educated but a few professionals who are highly skilled, hence getting skilled in .NET along with certification from CETPA can help Indian as well as NRI students to get jobs in software companies easily.

Steps to Learn .NET

To be efficient software professional, one should start learning the C# language and ASP.NET technology so that they can get a glimpse of the window application, mobile applications and web applications. In addition, if they learn SQL for database management it gives a good knowledge base in managing the technology. After that the basics and depth of .NET is learned in comprehensive way.

After mastering .NET students can foray into advanced .NET to enrich their skills more efficiently and increase their chances of getting placed. Moreover if the students develop certain soft skills such as:
Logical and analytical approach.
Interest in problem solving.
Knack of thinking out of the box.
Passion to achieve.
CETPA provides students with 6 months .NET training that develops their technical skill and accelerates career opportunity.